Friday, April 14, 2006

Lady Elaine Explores the U.S.S.R

Remember the 1970's & 80's: The Cold War. Democracy 'good' vs. Communism 'bad'. Can you remember how these sentiments were reflected in television and film of the time? During this period, Lady Elaine Fairchilde traveled in a rocket ship to the Planet Purple. She blasted-off from The Neighborhood of Make-Believe: where anything is possible, creativity is supreme, and everyday is wonderfully different. Upon arrival, she discovered a planet where everything is purple, everything is dull, everything is boring. The boys are all named Paul, and likewise, the girls are all named Pauline. Life there is exactly same everyday. The Neighborhood of Make-believe represented the U.S.: land of free, the unsuppressed, where dreams became reality. In contrast Planet Purple's (Communist Russia's) citizens were not allowed to think outside the box, stuck in their boring lives, drones. Lady Elaine traveled to the U.S.S.R not simply as an adventurer, but really as an American agent to instruct children of the folly and dibilitating nature that communisim has on the creative mind. The parallels between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. are clear to see.

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