Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lady Elainenstuf

Clearly, Witchiepoo was created in the memory of you know who.

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My Sanctuary said...

It's POSSIBLE, at the outskirt, but Margaret Hamilton's character was a lot more sinister while Billie was more wacky. She had room to play while, for a movie, Ms. Hamilton had to play it fairly straight.

Actually, the time PnS was on, I think...for part of that time, anyway, Margaret Hamilton was still alive. She was on a Partridge Family episode, as Rueben's mom. She called him "Ruby" .

Meanwhile...eleven years later, On GH, GUESS WHO gave up stealing talking flutes in order to help retrieve an ICE PRINCESS?

I found out about it about a month after the character died, and I'm like, "You GOTTA be kidding!!"