Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Arrow Within, Points to Her and from Her

In a deep-thought trance of Her
It became apparent that She and I are possibly of the same mold
Perhaps just two different forms of the same, in thought, perception, organization

The secrets She keeps stashed, I too keep, in fun and in fear
If exposed, hot stress boils into a need for control and centering
By cutting off clean the cause of it all

Though we've come so far to be here
It makes no difference to me at this second
My rejection of You is now - the arrow calls

Surely You remember how it felt to reject me
You saw no other way out
Life heaped up on You, and You looked for the arrow
You found it ---hacked---->

and I fell deep into tears

And now the arrow calls me

It reveals the truth of Her and I, of our nature
That being, emotion before efficiency, is wrong
And in a second, one would spit the other out

But now inside I am calmed and understood by her, Her, and HER
She and I were rare, and are to this day
The chances of our first meeting, extrodinary

This is right

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