Thursday, April 02, 2009

Between the Dark Shadows of myself

This window fills me with a pleasant melancholy for her of course, and for Caroline sometimes. And other things.

It was 3 A.M. eternal -------> The dim light from the window being so ghostly in the air. I could see so much more --------> so many things. My mind was inverted, and I understood more than ever. The concept of Her blossomed in my head -----> ideas became pictures ------> emotion turned into an image of how We knew each other before . . . before We physically met. Written words from the past, dreams of the present worked together, as I looked through the window. The window into Us. The words finally came to my lips.

SHE heard them. SHE held me tenderly through the exploration, with questions, sensitivity, and touch.

And in the end, I miss the Being that is my transcendental Daughter and Friend. And with that the tears came.

Yet, I just cannot understand it all, so much still unknown. I am full and pleased.

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